20 Funny Animal Tweets That Will Make Your Day Just a Little Bit Better

Do it like a cat, do it like a chicken, do it like a snake, you can do it like that! Well, just trying a little song here, it didn’t work, but these 20 memes of animals will definitely get you entertained. Animals are just so funny sometimes and just thinking how God came to create the seahorse or how a cat manages to photobomb another cat will make your day a thousand times brighter.

We love animals and their honest, no-bullshit type of behaviour is just what we need from time to time. A miss Linda Piggy hiding from her babysitters is such a blessing. Look at her, she’s so happy with who she is, no body-shaming thing ever. Just look at these memes and learn to smile and forget your problems today. 50% of your problems are actually no problems. I didn’t say it, they did:

1. Confused chickens

funny animal tweets 1 (1)

2. There’s nothing like a dog brotherhood apparently

funny animal tweets 2 (1)

3. This is so accurate!

funny animal tweets 3 (1)

4. Right! Animals don’t know where to stop in naming their species

funny animal memes 4 (1)

5. You, phone, shut up!

funny animal memes 5 (1)

6. Don’t make your  dog feel bad after you have a kid. Post pictures of your dog

funny animal memes 6 (1)

7. You don’t want a bees’ release, do you?

funny animal memes 7 (1)

8. This is level 999 of photobombing. Nobody can do it like the cat

funny animal memes 8 (1)

9. The cat is the hero of the day, don’t you get it?

funny animal memes 9 (1)

10. And finding… wait, what is that?

funny animal memes 10 (1)

11. The perfect hiding spot for a girl like Linda

funny animal tweets 11 (1)

12. He knows where to do it

funny animal memes 12 (1)

13. What? This is not Haribo? It looks eatable

funny animal tweets 13 (1)

14. This is a sight that you cannot unsee

funny animal memes 14 (1)

15. Are you ready fur the fight?

funny animal tweets 15 (1)

16. Well, I know a couple of guys who wouldn’t mind being entangled in that

funny animal tweets 16 (1)

17. Exactly! Don’t make assumptions based solely on race, David. How rude

funny animal tweets 17 (1)

18. That moment when you feel your life is a hundred times more insignificant than that of your dog

funny animal memes 18 (1)

19. Wait, what?

funny animal tweets 19 (1)

20. And then there were seahorses.

funny animal tweets 20 (1)


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