19 Images Of Ladybugs That Prove This Bug Is Pretty Badass

Ladybugs, this post will feature 19 images of ladybugs that will prove they are the most delicate and beautiful incest in the animal kingdom. The ladybug is also called Coccinellidae and its size ranges from 0.8 to 0.18 mm. The ladybug can develop the colors of yellow, orange or red with black dots which is most likely the more popular look of the bug. The term ladybugs is actually being used in the USA while in the UK the same bug is called ladybirds.

Here’s a few fun facts you didn’t know about this special bug, lady bugs can eat up to 5,000 aphids in their lifetime. As soon as they hatch from their eggs, they start eating like crazy. Ladybugs love the winter ( Like me ). When it gets cold and rainy, this is the time for them to party and mate. Their colors and dots are meant to warn other animals to back off! It signals that this bug is not tasty and the bright colors say i am dangerous! The lady of their name is not because all Ladybugs are females, they got their name because back in the middle ages, sworns of crop eating bugs were destroying entire fields like mad animals and the humans prayed for the Virgin Mary to help them. Help came in the form of the Ladybeetle who came in and started eating the other bugs, saving the crops, so the humans started calling the ladybeetle a Ladybug, pretty cool right?

If you’re a person who just loves photography and more specifically animal photography, these ladybug images will satisfy your cravings. Just don’t forget to share with us which one of these was your favorite and also share with your friends.


images of ladybugs 1 (1)


images of ladybugs 2 (1)


images of ladybugs 3 (1)


pics of ladybugs 4 (1)


pics of ladybugs 5 (1)


pics of ladybugs 6 (1)


pics of ladybugs 7


pics of ladybugs 8 (1)


images of ladybeetles 9 (1)


images of ladybeetles 10 (1)


images of ladybeetles 11


images of ladybeetles 12 (1)


images of ladybeetles 13 (1)


pictures of ladybugs 14 (1)


pictures of ladybugs 15 (1)


pictures of ladybugs 16 (1)


pictures of ladybugs 17 (1)


images of ladybugs 18 (1)


images of ladybugs 19 (1)

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