These 18 Pictures Of Unique Mushrooms Finally Proves Fungi Is An Alien

Steve Axford is an Australian photographer who takes pictures of unique mushrooms and other fungi. He goes into the forested areas of New South Wales to capture photos of these strange fungi. He has also visited Xishuangbanna, China and Chiang Mai, Thailand to capture images of the fungi that can be found there. Axford believes he may have discovered some new species in his travels that may be unknown to science.

These unique fungi look more like alien life forms than anything you’d see in our world. Some of them are a little creepy-looking but many of them are beautiful and have incredible colors and shapes. Some of them look like they even glow in the dark. If you ever saw Ferngully when you were a kid, you might even have some nostalgic flashbacks to that movie when looking at these photos. Take a look at these freaky fungi. Tell us what you think, in the comments section.

Unique Mushrooms #1

unique mushrooms 1


unique mushrooms 2


special mushrooms 3


special mushrooms 4


special mushrooms 5


special mushrooms 6


special mushrooms 7


special mushrooms 8


special mushrooms 9

Unique mushrooms #10

unusual mushrooms 10


unusual mushrooms 11


unusual mushrooms 12


unusual mushrooms 13


unusual mushrooms 14


unusual mushrooms 15


unusual mushrooms 16


unique mushrooms 17


unique mushrooms 18

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