There’s a Pretty Weird Reason Why These Dogs Ride The NYC Subway In Giant Tote Bags


The rule of NYC subway: “No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container.”

It’s concise, it’s clear but it doesn’t cover a size of an animal. So, as for this specific rule, if you can find a container big enough for an elephant, you can casually get the big guy from spot A to spot B in NYC using subway. OK, we took this a little bit too far, but guys at the photos below are on the edge itself and it looks almost as ridiculous, but also very simpatico.

A huge Husky stuffed into a tote bag! This priceless sight was caught by CBS news producer Alex Romano. Can you look at it and not smile? The guy is so casual about the situation that we think he is doing this every day.


Husky in a (big) tote bag. Rules are to obey.

Dogs Are Not Allowed On NYC Subway 1

Image credits: Alex Romano

Ready for the subway. We are not rule breakers!

Dogs Are Not Allowed On NYC Subway 2

Image credits: Michiko Fuller

It’s almost our stop.

Dogs Are Not Allowed On NYC Subway 3

Image credits: hansyandbrush

We are not breaking any rules.

Dogs Are Not Allowed On NYC Subway 4

Image credits: Clare Toeniskoetter

Have you ever seen something like this on your way to work? Or even better – photographed! Share with us, please, cause we like it!

Source: Boredpanda



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