18 Hilarious dog collar tags messages that you can almost hear your dogs say

If your dog could talk, these are some of the best things he could say and they’re tagged. This is a collection of hilarious dog collar tags messages that you cannot see without having a little laugh attack. Those with dogs will really understand. I, myself, can almost hear my dog saying those things. I can envision him looking at me and telling me: “I only bark at ugly people” and then starts barking with a little cute grim. How about that?

Dogs are just cute, but giving them these collar tags will just make them cuter and Instagram-ready. Forget about those boring tags with names on them. Those are past. These are the present and the future. Just looking at your dog and reading “I find your lack of treats disturbing” will instantly make you believe he is really talking with you and you should obey his wish. Should you?

1. This is a good one in case your dog has a tendency of always leaving your side


2. Help him find his hooman!


3. Cutie preparing for assault


4. Much like in real life, you can’t have one without the other


5. Does this mean we need to worry?


6. Where’s that pussycat?


7. Dogs have their own hobbies and you cannot blame them for that


8. Well, simply put…


9. When your dog gets the best treatment in the universe and you realize that’s why you can’t go on holiday…


10. Really, doggy?


11. What is that?!


12. This is how your dog bargains with you


13. You just can’t!


14. I can’t dial up the number…


15. The rest is just fluff


16. How do award your dog


17. This is something your dog might say every day


18. In case your dog gets lost…


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