19 Delicious And Cool Japanese Sweets You Can Only Find In Japan


Japan has extremely brought their sweet candy treats to its utmost level with these delectably delicious and mouth watering Japanese sweets. Japan has proven itself to be meticulous makers and creators of anything you could think to be cute and they totally leave its patrons with a dropped jaw in amazement.

If you thought, nobody could invent what you are about to see, then you are mistaken big time. I couldn’t think of anyone who could do it so perfectly and wonderful except for Japan. With their creation, not just your eyes will be filled, but your craving mouth as well. How I wish, there are still plenty of spare designs so you won’t feel guilty whenever you get tempted to eat your choice of these japanese desserts.

Here are 19 images of different kinds of Japanese sweets that you could crave for. By simply looking at them will leave you guessing, which one is the sweetest and most delicious. You can vote and pick for your best choice.

Japanese sweets #1 Water drop cake

japanese sweets 3


2: Uchiwa’ Lollipops – elegant and sweet

japanese sweet 4

3: Animal lollipops in the shape of fish,frog and squid

japanese sweet 5
japanese sweets 6
japanese sweet 7

4: Cat donuts – these are pretty famous

japanese sweet 8

5: A sweet dessert that looks like a water drop

japanese sweets 1


6: Chirin-chirin ice cream in the shape of a perfect rose

japanese sweet 10

7: Macarons we all love and know but in a Japanese style

japanese sweets 11

8: Bunny bread – this looks amazing!

japanese sweets 12

9: Cute bear drink with slices of strawberries inside

japanese sweet 13


10: Japanese glass sweets that look like plastic toys

japanese sweet 14

11: Fortune cat rice crackers, super cute

japanese sweets 15
japanese sweet 16

12: Yokohama hedgehog dumplings

japanese sweet 17

13: bear cookies hugging nuts – this is a familiar Japanese dessert

japanese sweet 18


14: Goldfish jelly – it looks like a real goldfish inside

japanese sweet 19

15: Cute cookies, these are too cute to eat man

japanese sweet 20

16: Chocolate covered strawberries, green chocolate is cool

japanese sweet 21

17: Fried maple leaves, not chocolate or sweet, but still delicious

japanese sweets 22
japanese sweets 23

18: Flower dessert, they use scissors to cut the shape

japanese sweets 24


19: Cat marshmallow for coffee – delicious!

japanese sweet 9

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