17 Proofs Bo Obama Has Safeguarded The White House For 7 Years


obama's dog pictures 1

Presidential Dog, Bo Obama is everybody’s favorite in the White House, aside from its very cuddly and adorable looks but also because he undoubtedly performs his duties and tasks religiously. He simply makes everyone happy when he is on duty just like the other Presidential personnel and security team.

His position as the top dog of the Presidential security team fits his personality as he welcomes dignitaries by licking on them and peeing on the White House Christmas Tree when he is pleased to see it displayed. His menial tasks are seem effortless for him since he still manages to become man’s bestfriend at all times. The First Dog is often rewarded for a job well done with petting and belly rubs treat, a shopping spree, and leftovers from special state banquets. obama's dog pictures 2

Bo keeps humans off the grass as he marks his area of responsibility.

obama's dog pictures 3


Bo performs deftness training for all secret service personnel

obama's dog pictures 4

He provides answers to Press’ questions

obama's dog pictures 5

He never misses any briefings.

obama's dog pictures 6

Ensures to have a walk with the First family once in a while

obama's dog pictures 7


Always attentive to possible plot of cat attacks

obama's dog pictures 8

Shakes hand with the new furry friend

obama's dog pictures 9

Runs after suspicious animal tresspasser

obama's dog pictures 10

Never misses to fetch a ball thrown at the Oval office

obama's dog pictures 11


Making sure that all windows are properly watched and secured

obama's dog pictures 12

Sniffing every staff for some hazardous materials

obama's dog pictures 13

Never gets tired to watch over the White House ground

obama's dog pictures 14

Watching closely for possible guest crasher


obama's dog pictures 15


Carefully guards humans from running past the security

obama's dog pictures 16



Tasting the food for possible threats

obama's dog pictures 17

Securing that pillows and pooch treats are in every flight

obama's dog pictures 18

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