This Biology Teacher Has a Creative Way Of Teaching About The Human Body


Meet Debby Heerkens, a biology teacher from the Netherlands that came up with a creative way to teach her students about the human body. She just stood up on her desk and stripped off her clothes to show a full body suit made of spandex with illustrations of accurate muscles and organs. And if that was cool enough, she later stripped again to reveal another spandex suit that illustrates all the bones in the body.

Heerkens came up with the idea after seeing a person walking in the street with a similar leggings, she than searched it online, and made sure it was ok with the school’s director before she brought them in to class. Ever since that memorable class, students keep asking about when she’ll be having other similar lessons. More info: Facebook |


This just happened in class…

Biology Teacher teach about human body 1


Yup, she’s got more of them

Biology Teacher teach about human body 2

Students got excited for a second

Biology Teacher teach about human body 3

Biology Teacher teach about human body 4

Watch the video:

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