35 Awesome steampunk sculptures By Susan Beatrice and Stephane Halleux

Remember when we wrote about Susan Beatrice and her beautiful steampunk watch sculpture? Well we loved it so much we decided to create this gallery of 35 awesome steampunk sculptures done by her and another talented artist named Stephane Halleux.

Stephane started his work as a cartoon artist before transitioning to steampunk art works. ” I like crazy mixtures, unlikely associations, advanced technology mixed with mechanisms of long ago. I’ve always been fascinated by robotics, its advantages and contradictions. ” Browse this cool gallery of strange sculptures created from anything like a hand watch, to pocket clocks and even lighters and similar objects of that nature. I can’t help but notice that many of Stephanie’s work has a similar style to the creations of Tim Burton. Am i wrong here? Let me know in the comments and share with us the sculpture you love the most

1. Color tiny car is the first in the steampunk sculptures list

steampunk sculptures

2. This is made from a clock work

steampunk sculptures 2

3. Speculum volubilis

steampunk sculptures 3

4. Cool leather robot

steampunk works 4

6. Riding my bike

steampunk works 12

7. Getting my hair done with this beauty machine

steampunk works 6

8. Incredible spider

steampunk works 7

9. Another awesome spider made from a lighter i think

steampunk works 8

10. A robot pet

steampunk works 9

11. Mechanical horse

steampunk works 10

12. Cool tiny car

steampunk works 11

13. Funky wheelchair

steampunk works 13

14. Businessmen, or maybe hitmen?

steampunk works 14

15. Flying machine

steampunk works 15

16. Robot wheelchair

steampunk art 16

17. Flying servant

steampunk art 17

18. Vintage automobile

steampunk art 18

19. A romantic robot

steampunk art 19

20. Little friendly robot

steampunk art 20

21. Speed racer

steampunk art 21

22. Lifting weights

steampunk art 22

23. Boxing machine

steampunk art 23

24. All aboard, the huge train

steampunk art 24

25. Music machine that can drive

steampunk art 25

26. Little helicopter

steampunk artworks 26

27. The leather batman

steampunk artworks 27

28. Plans for a car

steampunk artworks 28

29. The complete car

steampunk artworks 29

30. Stephane Halleux

steampunk artworks 30

31. Music inside a clock – my favorite of the steampunk sculptures

steampunk artworks 31

32. Little fairy sitting on my finger

steampunk artworks 32

33. Amazing work

steampunk artworks 33

34. Susan Beatrice with one of her steampunk sculptures

steampunk sculptures 34

35. Rollerblading through life

steampunk sculptures 5

If you loved these awesome steampunk creations as much as we did. Please share with your friends so they can also see how cool things can be when you break open a tiny watch


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