Yoga Expectations Vs Reality In 15 Adorable Pictures

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Doing yoga might be one’s greatest passion. For others, it might just be a curiosity and after they first set foot on a yoga class, they never come back again. At least that’s what happened to me. Don’t ask why! But for all of those brave hearts that stick to it, congratulations! You are tough! Now, you might be some specialists and can do the Triangle like a pro and breathe at the same time, but remember your first days of doing yoga? Things were not that easy when you just started out right? Your expectations of yoga and what it really was are two different things and many people don’t realise it.

These 15 yoga expectations vs reality memes will help you do just that. They are quite relatable and funny and the 16th…well, we’ll let you discover the 16th. I can only tell you that that’s quite how I felt the first and only time I tried Yoga. Happy scrolling! Enjoy!

1. This one seems like a good sleeping position

Yoga Expectations Vs Reality 1 (1)


2.”In your face”. Well, it happens. No need to make a fuss about it

Yoga Expectations Vs Reality 2 (1)

3. Don’t collapse! Just don’t collapse! You can do this!

Yoga thoughts Vs Reality 3 (1)

4. I can do it! I’m touching my toes – Victory!

Yoga thoughts Vs Reality 4 (1)

5. Somebody, help! Please!

Yoga thoughts Vs Reality 5 (1)


6. “Don’t move or you will fall”

Yoga thoughts Vs Reality 6 (1)

7. Legs may be dying, but your determination shall never die. Keep telling yourself this as you die a little bit every second

Yoga thoughts Vs Reality 7 (1)

8. Balance is the key. Learn how to balance!

fitness Expectations Vs Reality 8 (1)

9. Ufff! It seemed easy on the tv

fitness Expectations Vs Reality 9 (1)


10. It’s easier in pictures, but you can do it, girl!

fitness Expectations Vs Reality 10 (1)

11. Under pressure! Much like the Queen song

fitness Expectations Vs Reality 11 (1)

12. Perfect serenity… sort of

fitness Expectations Vs Reality 12 (1)

13. The stomach hurts, but hang on in there, girl! You can eat cake afterwards!

fitness Expectations Vs Reality 13 (1)


14. Too much!

fitness Expectations Vs Reality 14 (1)

15. I guess it hurts from the look of it

Yoga Expectations Vs Reality 15 (1)

16. And the best at yoga is… the potato pose!

Yoga Expectations Vs Reality 16 (1)

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