We’re Jealous: Suki The Cat Has A Better Life Than Me And His Instagram Profile Proves It


Ok, now I’m jealous! I discovered a cat who’s living a better life than me. She’s travelling almost all week, she’s taking superb Instagram pictures, her sweaters, pullovers are cooler than mine and… well, she’s been to places I’ve never seen, not even in pictures.

Who’s this awesome feline? Her name is Suki and she’s a gorgeous Bengal cat from Canada. She’s not afraid to dirty her paws in exploring every little corner of Canada and beyond. And above that, she’s super elegant, perfect, good-looking in every single photo. I might go hiking, but I won’t look that good and relaxed in photos, but rather tired, red, panting, my hair messy and all that. How does she do it?

Well, she has a human who knows how to edit her pictures. She has a human who serves her well, I think she is grateful for that. She may not have those big, starry light blue eyes in reality, but her human knows how to make her have them.

“The colour is edited!”, he admits. “I really enjoy playing around with the photographs to create a little magic, but if you’d like to see her normal eye colour it is visible in the many videos I have posted”.

Anyways, I got a little jealous of her. Just look at the pictures below of Suki the cat and say: “Wouldn’t you like a life liker hers?”

1. “I want a Facebook profile picture”, she said!

Suki the cat 1 (1)


2. Staring at the beauty

Suki the cat 2 (1)

3. Instagram pic?

Suki the cat 3 (1)

4. She said “take a photo so I can post it on Facebook and make everyone jealous!”

Suki the cat 4 (1)

5. Why so surprised?!

Suki the kitten 5 (1)


6. Hiking! And she’s also got a human to carry her…

Suki the kitten 6 (1)

7. Those deep blue waters. Would you take me with you, Suki?

Suki the kitten 7 (1)

8. Brave heart!

Suki the kitten 8 (1)

9. Let’s go on an adventure!

Suki the kitten 9 (1)


10. Relaxing in the sun

Suki the kitten 10 (1)

11. Suki the cat is Testing the waters

Suki the kitten 11 (1)

12. Why are you so surprised? You’re luckier than me!

Suki the kitten 12 (1)

13. Those eyes!

Suki the kitten 13 (1)


14. Scary woods?

Suki the kitten 14 (1)

15. This is also a dream of mine. She achieved it before me!

Suki the kitten 15 (1)

16. Finding her hunter spirit!

Suki the kitten 16 (1)

17. She’s a courageous cat, I give her that!

Suki the cat 17 (1)

18. That sweater is cooler than all of my sweaters in one place

Suki the cat 18 (1)


19. Yep. We enjoy the same fine things: a morning drive through the autumn forest

Suki the cat 19 (1)

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All images via Suki the Cat

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