Watch This 8 Week Old Boxer Puppy First Howl

Cute animals! Cute animals everywhere!

8 week old boxer puppy

You need more baby animals in your life. That is if you’ve been paying attention to the news this year and it’s getting to you like it’s getting to me.

In these stressful times, the best medicine for us all is cute baby animals. Like this video of 8 week old boxer puppy declaring his love for his human made my heart melt and I’m sure it will do the same to yours.

As he gives his human kisses, she begins to make a subtle howling sound and he can’t help but join in. And those adorable little snorts! How can you not love a boxer puppy seriously!?

I can’t take it. It’s a cuteness overload. This video and many like it make me want to go out and adopt a little boxer puppy right now. I’ve always considered myself a cat person. But it’s hard not to love dogs when they start out as such adorable babies.

Watch the video, if you can take it, and tell us it didn’t warm your heart. Go ahead, try. You’re not going to be able to do it.

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