Walking Your Dog In The Woods With Werewolf Muzzle


Your dog maybe the cutest and cuddliest of all and basically a friend to everyone you’ll bump into. No wonder you are afraid to walk your dog in the woods during the night that instead of protecting you from possible attacker, you’ll be even more prone to danger. If you are worried about such circumstance,  this werewolf muzzle will be of a great advantage to you.  For only 30 USD, this terrifying muzzle that resembles the mouth of a werewolf  is designed and made from Zveryatum, a company from Russia that is placed in your dog’s mouth. This muzzle allows the dog to open its mouth slightly for panting. It is safe for your pet since it made up of Nylon and non-toxic plastic.

In some parts of the world, muzzling a dog is mandatory requirement when out in the public. The very reason is to prevent other dogs from coming closer to your  dog that may initiate a fight. Another is to intimidate other people to play with the dog which can be a bit annoying and dangerous at the same time. Finally you’ll become more responsible of handling your dog during outdoor days.

More info: Krlmhl | zveryatam.ru

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Photo credits: Alexey Kurulyov

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Photo credits: zveryatam.ru

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Photo credits: zveryatam.ru

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Photo credits: Alexey Kurulyov

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