This Ultimate Beef Cuts Guide Is The Only Meat Guide You Will Ever Need

If you are a steak person, than these beef cuts will be familiar to you, but i’m sure you can’t exactly name each one of them right? You should know your cuts! This article however, could help you identify which beef cuts would you prefer to order every time you crave for a heavy steak meal.


A classic steak that both has a strip steak and filet mignon, separated by a bone.

guide to beef cuts 1


T-bone is almost similar to a porterhouse except for the slight difference in the size of filet mignon.

guide to beef cuts 2

Flat Iron

The flat iron is placed close into a tender area of the shoulder, which obviously means that shoulder steaks are not always tough.

guide to beef cuts 3

Filet Mignon

This part is a little bit expensive and smoothy soft, filet mignons is a real deal for special guests, what exactly you are paying for is its tender texture.

guide to beef cuts 4

Bone-In Rib Eye

A tender steak that has the an actual rib that makes it even more tasty and flavorful

guide to beef cuts 5


A lean cut with an even more tender  texture than a filet mignon or a rib eye and has equally great taste.

guide to beef cuts 6

Rib Eye

This rib eye steak is one of the juiciest of all steaks you’ll have because of its melting fat around the meat.

guide to beef cuts 7


This steak has a flat oval shape and is quite long. You can see the slices across it to lessen your chewing.

guide to beef cuts 8


A piece of a hanger steak weighs about 2 pounds including its tendon that is located at the center that adds to its delicious flavor.

guide to beef cuts 9


This grained skirt steak is taken from the chest area of the animal. Not that tender but the taste is absolutely perfect.

guide to beef cuts 10

Top Sirloin

This firm and flat grained steak is so easy to cut into solid cubes and will remind you of kebab.

guide to beef cuts 11


This part is taken from the sirloin area. but is not really cooked as a steak. Good thing is, you can grill it like a thick steak. Also try to avoid overcooking it.

guide to beef cuts 12

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