Tips on Feeling Confident While Dating

In many social situations, there are few substitutes for confidence, especially during a date. Although this element of self-belief doesn’t develop overnight for many people, there are a few tips and tricks that can help to boost confidence when dating.

So, let’s take a look at three ways to feel more confident during a period of dating.

Be Positive and Inquisitive 

Fundamentally, while several things that can be pivotal to improving short-term confidence, one of the most beneficial is to go in with a positive mindset.

Given that the effects of low self-confidence can be debilitating, according to The JCR, it’s advantageous to eradicate any negative feelings of doubt to create a positive atmosphere.

Throughout the early phases of dating, it’s advisable to adopt an open-minded, positive attitude, as this will ensure that light-hearted conversations seamlessly flow.

As per an article by Two’s Company, positivity can drastically improve intimate and personal relationships, thus helping to significantly alter behaviour and emotions.

Moreover, this will, in theory, create the confidence to ask more questions. Crucially, this could be highly advantageous to those who may not enjoy talking about themselves, as being brave with curiosity is likely to open up numerous possible topics of conversation.

Dress in a Comfortable Outfit 

Given that it’s widely reported in the fashion industry that outfit selection can have a direct effect on self-belief, dressing comfortably while dating is vital.

Regardless of whether it’s a face-to-face date or one conducted over video technology, wearing something that helps to boost confidence is essential. Because the dating sector has altered with the rise of digitalisation, dates over video chat have become increasingly common.

While there are many tips on how to have a video date, including charging your phone and tidying up your surroundings, wearing a favoured outfit will, even over video, help you to feel good about yourself.

Crucially, this ultimately means that any outfit is acceptable, whether that be a dress, suit, oversized jumper, or pyjamas. That said, in making an effort for the occasion, it will aid physiological preparation for the video date.

Preparation Shouldn’t be Overlooked 

Although being inquisitive will assist in generating conversation starters throughout the date, it’s also advisable to do some preparation prior to going out.

In the words of Bobby Unser, a former American automobile racer, success is where preparation and opportunity meet, and that is a statement that can be linked to the world of dating.

Even though spontaneity is sought after while dating, having some questions to fall back on during the initial period of getting to know each other is somewhat comforting.

As it is likely that there will be a few instances of silence throughout the early weeks of dating, some question preparation will undoubtedly help to ease the awkwardness.

Fundamentally, having topics in reserve will boost confidence as it reduces the chances of any silence-induced stress.

Focus on Being as Confident as Possible

Ultimately, there isn’t a straightforward solution to dealing with issues of self-belief, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t available steps to maximise confidence.

Through feeling comfortable and being prepared, it will allow for your true self to shine, enhancing the chances of a successful date.

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