23 Of The Funniest Roast Me Pictures The Internet Has Ever Seen

roast me pictures 6

If you don’t already know the Roast me section on Reddit. You’re missing out on all the fun. It’s where random users post their picture on the internet and ask the community to Roast them based on their appearance.

Now before you go all out and say this is not nice, please remember that this is all in good fun and nothing is personal. These Roast Me pictures will make you laugh even if you try really hard not too.

1. Police don’t know whether they should shoot you or put you on the no flight list

roast me pictures 1

2. Who are you kidding with the huge loose leat? You only need a post it



3. You look like you’re on the brink of discovering fire

roast me pictures 3

4. You’ve got one eye looking at me and the other looking for me

roast me pictures 4

5. Your face makes me want to vote for Donald Trump

roast me pictures 5

6. I bet you still invite yourself to your classmates’ sleepovers

roast me pictures 6

7. You look like a young Bill Gates, But instead of  developing Microsoft, you develop aids

roast me pictures 7

8. Something tells me this isn’t the most amount of men they’ve had in that bathroom

roast me pictures 8

9. You don’t even own a can opener, huh?

roast me pictures 9

10. This is what happens when you press random on the character creation menu

roast me pictures 10

11. That haircut is the physical manifestation of ” I want a divorce “

roast me pictures 11

12. Clearly she uses the brush tool on MS Paint to do her eyebrows in the morning

roast me pics 23 (1)

13. I’m so conflicted, your glasses say you’re smart, but that shirt says otherwise.

roast me pics 28 (1)

14. That face, that’s all i’m going to say.

roast me pics 32 (1)


15. You look like Benedict Cumberbatch with downs.

roast me pics 20 (1)

16. If you scan his forehead guys, you get a 5 dollar gift card for any store.

roast me pics 31 (1)

17. You look like a pissed off squash

roast me pics 30 (1)

18. Did you draw your own face?

roast me pics 22 (1)

19. He’s clearly a golfer…

roast me pics 24 (1)

20. You look like John Mayer’s less successful, underachieving sibling

roast me pics 25 (1)

21. You two look like the founders of a startup company that make male tampons

roast me pics 26 (1)

22. It’s like Malfoy went to a liberal arts college instead of Hogwarts…

roast me pics 27 (1)

23. Living with your parents is a prudent move. Being a college kid, it’s probably hard to afford rent for both you and your nose.

roast me pics 29 (1)

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