This Is What Happened When Random People Asked The Internet To Roast Them


Random users posted their picture on the internet and asked it to Roast them based on their appearance, if you don’t know this bid by now, you should. It’s hilarious! view some of the results below

1: Police don’t know whether they should shoot you or put you on the no flight list

roast me pictures 1


2: Who are you kidding with the huge loose leat? You only need a post it

roast me pictures 2

3: You look like you’re on the brink of discovering fire

roast me pictures 3

4: You’ve got one eye looking at me and the other looking for me

roast me pictures 4

5: Your face makes me want to vote for Donald Trump

roast me pictures 5


6: I bet you still invite yourself to your classmates’ sleepovers

roast me pictures 6

7: You look like a young Bill Gates, But instead of  developing Microsoft, you develop aids

roast me pictures 7

8: Something tells me this isn’t the most amount of men they’ve had in that bathroom

roast me pictures 8

9: You don’t even own a can opener, huh?

roast me pictures 9


10: This is what happens when you press random on the character creation menu

roast me pictures 10

11: That haircut is the physical manifestation of ” I want a divorce “

roast me pictures 11

Source: Imgur

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