This cat stole the fashion show with her catwalk

One thing you cannot unsee today: a cat stole the fashion show! Imagine you are at a fashion show. You are a little bored because you normally don’t like fashion shows, but your beautiful fiancee dragged you to one and you are suddenly grateful for it. Why could that be? Because you really saw why they call it a catwalk: it is the place where the cat feels most at home. Or at least, this little kitty.


Image: eunkyoungkoh

She basically stole the show and became the best attraction of the Esmod International Fashion Show, held in Instanbul, Turkey. She was cleaning herself, gazing at the models with a curious look and even trying to play with them while they were walking down the catwalk. Then she decided she needed to show them what a catwalk really is and she did that superbly. Göksen Hakkı Ali, fashion designer said: “Everybody was in shock” and he is thinking maybe the cat has a future in fashion. “Mayne, why not?”

She was definitely the star of the show. Probably the models were a little jealous of her fame. But, she’s a cat and the catwalk is her natural habitat, isn’t it? And who could beat a cat at being elegant and fashionable? Who? Tell us who?

“Wanna’ play?”


Image: hknylcn

“C’mon! I will show you what a catwalk really is!”


Image: esmoddubai

“Wait a minute! I need to clean myself!”


Image: vakkoesmodistanbul

“Yeah! I’m a diva and I know it!”


Image: eunkyoungkoh

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