22 Products with lifetime warranty. You never need to buy them twice!


Have you ever bought a product and wished it had lifetime warranty so that you would never worry about it being broken or chipped, or warped or God knows what? Choose one of these 22 products and the company will replace them for you for the slightest scratch or just because you say you’re not satisfied with the product.

Too hard to imagine that? Let’s take an example. How about a lifetime of free socks? Yes. You buy a pair of socks and when they wore out, you have them replaced for free by the company you bought them from and so on and so forth. Cool, right? Well, these products are also quite pricey and their quality ensures the companies that they will not require too much repair in their lifetime. Anyways, building a product that will last a lifetime is a bold undertake.

1. Your Zippo windproof lighter should never stop working. If it does, they will replace it for you


Image: Uroš Jovičić/Unsplash


2. Tweezerman will sharpen your tweezers, nippers or scissors for you


Image: Tweezerman

3. If your Tupperware is broken, cracked, chipped, warped or you think of it, the company will replace it for you


Image: Tupperware/Facebook

4. Lifetime guarantee for Tilley’s hats


Image: Tilley

5. Not satisfied with Polar Bottle water bottle? The company will replace it for free


Image: Polar Bottle


6. Return it for repair, replace or refund. This is Patagonia product!


Image: Patagonia

7. “All Mighty Guarantee” This is how Osprey is telling you they’ll replace your products for any reason


Image: Osprey

8.  Manduka “PRO Series” yoga mats. Normal wear and other various defects are covered by a lifetime guarantee


Image: Manduka

9. “Even If Chewed” is Lupine’s way of saying they will replace your pet products whenever you want, free of charge


Image: Lupine


10. “Guaranteed.Period” for Lands’ End


Image: Lands’ End

11. As long as the headphones and accessories haven’t been used by multiple people, Koss covers repair, replace or refund


Image: Koss

12. Jansport backpacks, bags and luggage have a lifetime warranty


Image: Jansport

13. Any Hammacher Schlemmer product that you’ve purchased directly from them has a lifetime guarantee


Image: iRobot/Hammacher Schlemmer


14. Socks with a lifetime guarantee. You can return the product at any point


Image: Feetures!

15. If you’re not satisfied with a Eddie Bauer product, you can return it for a full refund at any time


Image: Eddie Bauer

16. You register your Davek umbrella on their site and you get free repairing services at any time


Image: Davek

17. Darn Tough socks will replace your socks anytime you’re not satisfied with them

That sounds like a free-socks-for-lifetime to me.


Image: Darn Tough

18. “Forever Guarantee” for any Cutco knives or kitchen tools

Moreover, if you’re not satisfied with one of their products, the company will send you another.


Image: Cutco


19. Any writing instrument, except lead, erasers or ink refills will be repaired or replaces for free, no matter how old they are


Image: Cross

20. Craftsman replaces or repairs any broken hand tools, for free, no matter the reason why they’ve been damaged


Image: Craftsman

21. Briggs& Riley repairs your luggage for free, no matter the reason why it’s been broken in the first case


Image: Briggs & Riley

22. Away will always repair your luggage if the shell, wheel, handle or zipper break. Anytime, anyhow!

They do not cover any electronic parts of your products, though.


Image: Away/Facebook

Via Business Insider


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