Think You’re Having a Bad Day? These 22 Pictures Prove It’s Not That Bad

We all have bad days. And usually, we can sense them coming while we’re still in bed early in the morning. It’s that special feeling coming from your guts telling us that we should stay in bed today. So what can help you when you’re having a bad day like this? Remember that you are not alone and that every single person on Earth has those fail moments from time to time and most likely that someone right now in a far away country is having a worse day than you. As Forrest Gump put it concisely – Sh**t happens.

Think you’re having a bad day? #1 Murphy’s Law – it always drops on the wrong side.

having a bad day 1

2. Damn you Mr. Proper!

having a bad day 2

3. Well, the bill is going to be a bit higher… said auto mechanic.

having a bad day 3

4. Stuck as this guy. He thought he can drive over it

worse day ever 4

5. The worst day in the category. Did she run?

worse day ever 5

6. Rex, come over here boy! Call your buddies!

worse day ever 6

7. This is a perfect example of having a bad day!

worse day ever 7

8. Help!

worse day ever 8

9. It has chosen to stay closed today. Not much you can do about it

having a bad day 9

10. That’s some omelet! that no one will eat

having a bad day 10

11. Just few inches backward, she meant. Just a few

having a bad day 11

12It’s Ok, I’m not even hungry.

having a bad day 12

13. Bad dog! Is your day looking pretty bad now?

having a bad day 13

14. Yup, a bad day indeed.

having a bad day 14

15. …and some see clouds through the window.

having a bad day 15

16. I could walk today, it’s a lovely day. Who needs cars anyway

having a fail day 16

17. Pantsless Thursday! Can we have it today?

having a fail day 17

18. Going somewhere? I don’t think so

having a fail day 18

19. I hope he’s not in pain, cause it looks hilarious!

having a fail day 19

20. Never, ever…

having a fail day 20

21. This bad day probably turned into bad month. Ouch!

having a bad day 21

22. Too much to handle. Thanks. Just the pick me up i needed

having a bad day 22

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