These Tiny Underwater Hippos Are Actually Not What You Think And We Have The Answers

These adorable looking tiny underwater hippos are in fact called Flamboyant Cuttlefish and you can find them on the Aquarium of the Pacific. Beside being super cute that you can’t even handle yourself, they are also the master of camouflage, they are able to change their colors as needed to blend in their environment, but what’s even more impressive is the fact they can also change their shape and texture. That’s right. they can go from smooth shape to three dimensional without even missing a beat and you can’t tell.

Here’s an adorable video:

The nickname tiny underwater hippos came to be because of their body shape, that you must admit is pretty similar to a tiny baby hippo. But not like a real hippo, these animals have brain in the shape of a donut and their home is the tropical Indo-Pacific, northern Australia, New Guinea and the Philippines among other places.

tiny underwater hippos - flamboyant cuttlefish (1)

Are the really cute?

Most common place to find these tiny cuttlefish is at the bottom of the ocean and NO! You can’t keep one or touch them, like octopus and some squids, cuttlefish are venomous and their poison is extremely toxic and can actually kill you. So don’t go touching one K?

tiny underwater hippos - flamboyant cuttlefish 2 (1)

Image from: matthew meier

When they’re just chillin, the color of the underwater hippo ( sorry i had to call that again ) is dark brown. But when they feel danger or being attacked they can quickly change their color into some patterns of black, dark brown or even white with yellow patches. The tips of their arms can even turn very red to scare off anyone trying to get too close.

They walk on the surface of the ocean with their lower arms but they use everything else to wave and flaunt what they have so that other sea animals can take point and be jealous. Or maybe to warn them that these babies are very poisonous, i don’t know. Whatever makes sense.

tiny underwater hippos - flamboyant cuttlefish 3 (1)

Image from: notcot

So to sum up, Tiny underwater hippos are actually called Flamboyant Cuttlefish and they are not cute as they look, they can kill you. That’s it. Share this post and move on to the next one.


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