That embarrassing moment when…

gay party

1: You think your alone in the house so you get boogy with it only to find your mom filming you and uploading it to YouTube where 6.5 million people watch, and laugh, and laugh

that embarrassing thing when


2: You run a marathon and actually doing very well and right when you think you are the man – you soil yourself

soil yourself

3: Your parents are out-of-town leaving you the house and the best thing you could come up with is a gay banana hammock party? And some genius who thought sharing it on facebook would be super cool – he was wrong.

gay party

4: A young very british and very white kid think he’s a playa and try to shake his booty.

5: Your girlfriend calls you in the middle of a meeting crying that the car wont start and she sends you this picture

car wont start fail


6: You try not to stare at the hot cheerleader in an NBA game while sitting courtside. But the guy sitting behind you doesn’t really care :)


7: Your dad doing this dance

nerdy dad

8: Your older brother sneaks in your room and finds you in underwear dancing and singing in front of the mirror. We all been there.

9: You go out clubbing with your bff and you dance and drink and E-Y-E-B-R-O-W-S



10: You’re at your favorite concert drinking beer, singing dancing and then piss your pants

piss pants

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