Got about $18,000? You can buy a tiny home on Amazon!

tiny home on Amazon

There are a lot of things you can buy on Amazon, from one hundred Misprinted Pens to grass flip flops or Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, but how about buying a tiny home on Amazon? Ever thought about that? How do they deliver it to you? And how much would that cost? Buying a house is surely one big thing and not a simple one. Apart from being expensive, it also requires some adult decisions, from the place, to the number of rooms, materials, furniture and design. You want to buy a house that’s reliable, safe and would keep your family safe and sound for years to come. A lot of things to take care of. 

The thing is, for about $22,000 you can actually order a cabin-like tiny home on Amazon. No shipping fees!  One example is a 292-square-foot Lillevilla Allwood Cabit Kit Getaway “large enough to function as a summer house, home office or even a stand-alone retail building”. It comes together with a list of instructions on how to build it and the process shouldn’t take you more than 3 days. It costs only $18,000.

tiny homes on amazon

For $46,900 you can buy more than a tiny home on Amazon

One more luxurious example is the “Allwood Eagle Point 1108-Square-Foot Cabin”. According to the Amazon description, this quite hefty house can be used as “a stand-alone retail space or office, or a hybrid home/business”. Indeed, it looks much more like a residential building, not like a tiny wood cabin, but the price is considerably bigger. It’s not really much of a bargain now. You still get an additional roof isolation system in this price. What do you think? Is it worth it?

tiny home on Amazon

This is the real bargain! For $5,350 you can buy an amazing tiny home on Amazon

Meet the Lillevilla Escape 113-Square-Foot Allwood Cabin Kit! At just $5,350, this cabin is a nice additional structure to your current home or garden. You can store different tools or stuff from around the house in it or you can just arrange it as a little “retreat in your backyard”. In the price there are no insulation or foundation included. So, you’ll have to spend more than that to get it up. Still, it’s a good price overall.

tiny home on Amazon

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So, what do you think? Would you buy a tiny home on Amazon on your next spending spree?

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