Tequila Barrel Hotel Where You Can Sleep Inside a Tequila Barrel

Would you like to live like a tequila? Then, this is for you! The Tequila Barrel Hotel welcomes you in a field of agave and almost readies you for the party. Placed in Jalisco, Mexico, the Matices Hotel de Barricas is where you can spend a night in a giant wooden barrel just like those used to age tequila. You can even choose to stay in the “aged king” which is like a presidential suite that offers you the view of the many agave rows outside. You are sleeping in a barrel, but this barrel has a king size bed and rain shower.

The agave fields are not for showing off and making you feel more like a tequila lover, they are actually part of an active farm and distillery. The rooms cost upwards of $3,000 per night, but, hey, you’re sleeping in tequila’s bed, no salt and lime necessary, so don’t make a fuss about it!

You can also tour the agave fields and get a taste of what is going on around there during your stay. So, tequila fan or not, would you pay for this experience? You can now say you’ve literally slept in tequila, showered in tequila and breathed in tequila. Yes, you did!  All in all, this hotel is one of a kind and if you’re that type of person who’s after one of a kind experiences, it is definitely for you.  Living like tequila does might help you understand her better, you know…

Tequila Barrel Hotel on Jalisco Agave Farm

Tequila Barrel Hotel 5 (1)

Sleep in luxury inside a tequila barrel is a sentence we thought we never say

Tequila Barrel Hotel 4 (1)

Don’t be misled by the area or outside look, this is a luxury resort

Tequila Barrel Hotel 3 (1)

For people who like this atmosphere, this is a great spot to visit if you can afford it

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Choose from regular to luxury suit

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