Snorky The Pit Bull Steals Ellen’s Show! He Wins Over The Entire Audience!


Ellen DeGeneres is a comedic talk show host who has long been known for her unique style, ability to win over an audience, and passionate fundraising abilities. This week a four-legged guest, Snorky the pit bull, might just have upstaged her on her own show.

Snorky is under the loving care of Tia Torres, creator of the Animal Planet’s hit show, Pit Bulls & Parolees. Snorky took center stage in  Ellen’s studio full of fans with his gentle nature and a little help from his favorite treats.

Even though Snorky could have commandeered everyone’s affections through his good looks, and mild demeanor, he chose to play up his comic side, and soon had the whole audience and Ellen rolling with laughter. We are sure that Snorky will have no problem finding a forever home with his combination of rugged good looks, sweet personality, and excellent comedic timing!

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