Snapchat Is Stupid And These 25 Dumb Snapchats Prove It Once And For All

Snapchatting when bored? Yes, we do it, too. Snapchat is stupid. But there are some Snapchat stories that can very easily win the Oscars for their…let’s say bold creativity. We’ve compiled 24 of the stupidest Snapchats and you can scroll down below for all of them. We warn you though, they’re quite hilarious and a little silly. Some of them… you don’t really know if they’re real and can’t really figured out what happened there or are they just made up to make us laugh.Either way, we all win right?

Snapchat is silly and it’s meant to be that way. You can just vent some stress and excess of energy through it for a better life. Or you just post funny things. Either way, Snapchat is part of our lives whether we like it or not. I say we like it, sort of… Enjoy!

1. He’s got quite a package there. The chicks look impressed!

Snapchat is stupid 1 (1)

2. You got that, right? When you get a hamburger, you also need to get a hamburger helper just in case…Stupid Snapchat…

Snapchat is stupid 2 (1)

3. Just as tasty! This proves it, Snapchat is stupid

Snapchat is stupid 3 (1)

4. We know the struggle. Hilarious!

Snapchat is stupid 4 (1)

5. When even your imaginary Snapchat-made friends leave you

Snapchat is dumb 5 (1)

6. On spot. Does he get copyrights?

Snapchat is dumb 6 (1)

7. A quite special sort of gym

Snapchat is dumb 7 (1)

8. What was he doing down there?

Snapchat is dumb 8 (1)

9. Good dog!

Snapchat is dumb 9 (1)

10. Tough question

Snapchat is hilarious 10 (1)

11. And she jumped right in

Snapchat is hilarious 11 (1)

12. Uhmm… we didn’t really get that! Another prove that Snapchat is stupid

Snapchat is hilarious 12 (1)

13. Ok, ok, you perfect!

Snapchat is hilarious 13 (1)

14. She doesn’t seem concerned, though

Snapchat is hilarious 14 (1)

15. Holy abs!

Snapchat is crazy 15 (1)

16. Mysterious are the ways of some sandwiches

Snapchat is crazy 16 (1)

17. But when your mother comes, she is unstoppable. No party going on then!

Snapchat is crazy 17 (1)

18. He’d better not enter in my office with that!

snapchat is crazy 18 (1)

19. Just Stop, for God’s sake! YES, Snapchat is dumb

snapchat is crazy 19 (1)

20. We love that honesty, man!

snapchatting is dumb 20 (1)

21. He seems like he likes his new hobby

snapchatting is dumb 21 (1)

22. It looks like he likes grass a lot

snapchatting is dumb 22 (1)

23. Big boys like to play in the pool

snapchatting is dumb 23 (1)

24. Feeling good

snapchatting is dumb 24 (1)

25. Dark humor. Remember, this is the dumb Snapchat list

snapchat is stupid 25 (1)

If you thought Snapchat is stupid before looking at these pictures, you surely think this way now


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