25 Cool Watches That Are So Cool They Freeze Time

When you want to tell time, you mostly power your smartphone’s display and simply throw an eye on the watch. Even if you are wearing a cool watch or wrist watch, you still tend to look at your phone. And this is a pity since there are so many cool watches out there that are one of the most beautiful, cool and functional accessories you can possibly wear. They are passion, craftsmanship and art.

Passion to make something unique, craftsmanship to place this unique design at an almost mimetic scale, and art to make it all work together in a perfect mechanism. You can have date, time in your country and other countries around the world and poetic fairy-tales, knights, planets, birds all circling around in your watch.

Whether we’re talking about modern, digital watches with futuristic designs, lights and so on, or we speak about beautiful, classy ones, we love watches and we think they are a manifest of art and fashion and class and functionality. People made art where there was just a simple need: telling time.

So, we made a selection of 25 awesome watches that we would like to wear on our wrists. Here they are:

1. This astronomical watch shows the movements of the solar system in real time, this is a cool watch for sure

cool watches

cool watches 2

cool watches 3

2. Inspired by Salvador Dali’s “Persistence of Memory”, here it is: the melted watch

cool watches 4

awesome watches 5

3. The watch with no face – The simple design often makes for the cool watches to be better.

awesome watches 6

awesome watches 7

4. ZIIIRO Mercury Watch

awesome watches 8

awesome watches 9

5. Excalibur or the round table of time

cool watch designs 10

cool watch designs 11

6. “Whatever, I’m late anyway”. We like this guy. At least, he’s honest.

cool watch designs 12

7. Ora Unica

cool watch designs 13

cool watch designs 14

8. Bird Repeater = $1,000,000

epic watches 15

epic watches 16

epic watches

9. Free Time Watch

epic watches 17

10. The Earth and the moon on your wrist

epic watches 18

stunning watches 19

11. Dragon Gate Legend watch. Coolest watch here

stunning watches 20

12. This is SOH- a second of happiness 🙂

stunning watches 21

stunning watches 22

stunning watches 23

13. Time Traveler – See the time all over the globe

nice watches 24

14. Hand-painted poetic wish watch

nice watches 25

nice watches 26

15. Ora Latea Watch

nice watches 27

16. The equation of time

nice watches 28

17. The  Skull watch – This one is for me

cool time tellers 29

cool time tellers 30

cool time tellers 31

cool time tellers 32

18. Nadir Watch – The cool watches list will not be complete without this model

cool time tellers 33

amazing watches 34

19. Winged Mille Watch – The Two Men Being Held By The Squid Indicate The Hours And Minutes

amazing watches 35

amazing watches 36

20. Digital Destruction

amazing watches 37

amazing watches 38

21. Boombox Watch. I love this awesome watch!

beautiful watches 39

22. Angular Momentum handmade

beautiful watches 40

beautiful watches 41

beautiful watches 42

24. The accurate watch shows the right time is now. Seize the day!

beautiful watches 43

25. The Bradley- a timepiece designed for the blind. I love it that we have many cool watches designs for the blind too.

beautiful watches 44

cool watches 45

cool watches 46


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