Meet Roux The Two Legged Cat That Took Over Instagram

Meet Roux, this amazing cat has only two legs but a full heart and loving personality. The adorable kitty was adopted by Jackie Deak Akey in Louisiana and since turned into an Instagram sensation with over 120,000 followers, what do they find in this particular cat? her winning inspiration nature and a playful mind that’s what. Despite her deformity, this one-year-old cat hops about like a bunny and loves to play just like all other cats. Jackie who works at a veterinary clinic in New Orleans  first heard about Roux from an animal shelter who said that she had been surrendered to them because her deformity was stopping her from burying her waste in the litter box. Join the thousands who already follow this brave cat! Instagram

This is Roux and as you can see she was born with two legs

roux the bunny cat 1

She was given up because of her not being able to bury her waste in the litter box

roux the bunny cat 2

As soon as Jackie Deak Akey the vet clinic saw her, she adopted her

roux the bunny cat 3

She was given the nickname ” Bunny cat ” because she hops around on two legs

roux the bunny cat 4

Besides the two legs thing, she is 100% healthy

roux the bunny cat 5

Roux figured out by her own how to do everyday things with only two legs

roux the bunny cat 6

As she grows older she will need back and legs checkups from a vet regularly

roux the bunny cat 7

But for now, there is nothing to worry about, so lets all chill and take a nap

roux the bunny cat 8

Source: Boredpanda


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