This Panda Having Fun In The Snow Is All Of Us In The Winter

Pandas have really been able to enjoy the snow lately. Luckily for Tian Tian, the snowmaggedon that covered the east coast recently allowed him to enjoy it even more. This video went viral on Saturday after it was posted to the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C.

Tian Tian looks as if it was his first time to experience the massive snow that blizzard Jonas dumped almost four feet high. Pandas have a thick furry coat that seem very adaptable to this kind of weather so they thoroughly enjoy every bit of the snow powder falling on their faces. According to the National Zoo senior scientist, Don Moore, this is their most favorite time of the year having their bodies uniquely designed for cold weather.

This viral video skyrocketed into more than 40 Million views and attracted a lot of fans.

Who’s not going to love this giant panda, for he is totally cute and adorable. I bet everybody will wish that they have their own panda at home, after seeing Tian Tian’s overloading cuteness in the snow.

Source: Nationalgeographic



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