This Bear Pillow Lets You Sleep In Its Arms Is Better Than a Boyfriend


bear pillow 1

If you are constantly being told that you’re too old to sleep with a teddy bear, this is a perfect way to make a smooth transition and make everyone shut up and still keep your warm bear hugs. Also, you’ll never be lonely again, says Firebox, the online store where you can find the Bear Hug Pillow collection:

‘Bear Hug Pillows are your new special someone. They’re ridiculously comfortable, gloriously squishy, you don’t have to talk to them and you still have a squishy face to sit on’.

bear pillow 2

Not all the girls are the same, so aren’t the bears. You can get a grizzly bear or a panda bear pillow, depending on your hug preferences or a color that you like, to be more practical. The pillows are in a form of a bear’s sweet arms extended for you to sleep on but don’t have bodies to spoon with, but don’t worry, you can be sure this special someone will never hurt you so you can sleep peacefully.

bear pillow 3

The Bear Hug pillows are available for $42 and you can get them here.

Source: Lostateminor