Obama And Clinton Hug Was Heartwarming, Until The Internet Ruined Everything

There was something missing from this election year. There has been so much stress around picking a candidate I would trust. Something needed to happen to cheer me up.

I think the best medicine I’ve received, by far, is the “Obama Clinton hug.” And if anybody needed a hug it was the president and Senator Clinton. I’m sure, after Barack’s eight years in office, he really needed a hug from somebody. And Clinton hasn’t had the easiest time with this campaign. I’m sure she’s been feeling a little more hate than love, over the last few decades. So, Mr. President and Senator Clinton, bring it in! Get in here and give us a hug because we’re stressed out too.

But what’s better than a heartfelt hug on stage between President Obama and Sen. Clinton? A picture of the hug that has been photo-shopped to death. Take a look at these hilarious images and see just how far people took.

The original Obama/Clinton hug.

Obama And Clinton Hug 1

The Group hug

Obama And Clinton Hug 2

The sweet dance at prom.

Obama And Clinton Hug 3

Who ever did this is talented.

Obama And Clinton Hug 4

Illuminati confirmed.

Obama And Clinton Hug 5

A perfect representation of what the Trump presidency would look like.

Obama And Clinton Hug 6

In the end, they’ll still have each other, and their money. Probably in a bunker somewhere…

Obama And Clinton Hug 7

Are they at Woodstock?

Obama And Clinton Hug 8

I think Michelle’s a little jealous.

Obama And Clinton Hug 9

Which one’s the beast, though? Trick question?

Obama And Clinton Hug 10

Obama And Clinton Hug 11
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