Newspaper Accidentally Publish a Picture Of Alec Baldwin Instead Of Donald Trump And It Kinda Makes Sense

paper run wrong picture of donald trump feat

A local newspaper in the Dominican Republic published ” fake news ” as Donald Trump calls them, but this time for real. The paper accidently run a picture actor Alec Baldwin as he imitate The Donald instead of a picture of the real Donald Trump. This is right in the middle of a huge ” fight ” between the president and the media where he claims the media usually publishes false news stories about him and his government. Obviously the Dominican paper had to publish an apology after they realised their unfortunate mistake.

The paper is called El Nacional and it published a story about President Trump’s views on settlements in Israel, like many other news pieces, this also included a picture of the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but the picture they wanted to publish of Donald Trump was a bit off…

paper publish pic of alec baldwin instead of donald trump

The paper ran what is known as a retraction or correction, they explained the error by saying they pulled the photo from the Associated Press wire service and it went unnoticed by the entire staff.

Make sense right? We all made mistakes, life goes on, and in our world where parody and reality TV stars suddenly becoming presidents, it’s easy to confuse SNL characters with their real life intention.

What now? Well the picture quickly became viral on social media and many people had started wondering if now Trump will add the Dominican Republic to it’s banned countries from entering the USA as he did with seven Muslim countries. You can never know for sure.

Now here at The Awesome Daily we don’t want to be included in the fake news category Trump has on his sight, so we suggest to all other newspapers when running a story about the President, make sure you use a real photo like the one you see below. Just to be sure you know.

paper publish pic of alec baldwin instead of donald trump 2

Source: Gizmodo