Meet Charlie The Dalmatian And His Heart Shaped Eyes That Will Instantly Make You Smile

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Meet Charlie the Dalmatian dog who was born with heart shaped eyes. Instagram is filled with adorable pictures of dogs and other animals trying to win our attention by posing or showing off their adorable smile, most of the time, you say ” cute ” and just move on, but when a dog like Charlie comes along, you have to stop and appreciate how special he is. Charlie is a Dalmatian, and like all these breeds, he was born with many black dots on his fur, but what his owner noticed from a young age is that Charlie has two heart shaped dots covering his eyes, so when Charlie closes his eyes, you can really feel the love.

Charlie spends most of his days cuddling with his owner or just playing around the yard where he likes to run and hide, if you are a dog person, you gotta follow his Instagram profile to catch up with all of his shenanigans and cool pics. More info: Instagram

Charlie the Dalmatian literally has heart shaped eyes

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It’s impossible to look at him for more than a few seconds without smiling the biggest smile ever

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Like all Dalmatian dogs, Charlie has black dots on his fur, but the two covering his eyes is what makes him special

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Over time Charlie got used to posing and even got really good

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Merry Christmas from Charlie

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All photos from Charlie’s Instagram