Your Selfie Game Is Weak Compared To This Cat – EPIC


You think your selfie is epic? Sorry to tell you, but your selfies don’t hold a flame to Manny the cat. 

Selfie Cat 1

Manny the cat takes pictures (or at least paws the camera) with a GoPro. Instagram user @yoremahm is responsible for Manny and his picture posting. @yoremahm says that Manny accidentally took the first picture when he reached out for the camera during a shoot. Since then, Manny has gone viral. Manny even leads a group of dogs, who are in most of the pictures.

Selfie Cat 2

Manny was actually a stray cat before showing up in front of @yoremahm. Luckily for us all, the two met. And now the internet has been blessed with hilarious, yet perfectly angled photos of Manny and the Dogs. 

Selfie Cat 3

He even catches the beautiful sunset. 

Selfie Cats 4

Simply amazing.

Selfie Cats 5

Selfie Cats 6

Selfie Cat 7

Selfie Cat 8
Source: Boredpanda