Loki The Grumpy Sphynx is Here And You Should All Bow Before His Grumpiness

Animals have their personalities as well. They can be cute, they can be smiling even, they can be boring or menacing, looking like they are going to kill you sometime, but they can also be grumpy. Grumpy is a cute combination of “wanting to kill you”, bored, not giving a damn and constantly tired of your cuddles.

Ironically, when they are like this, they are cute as never and we can’t help but admire them in silence, or…almost silence. This is what we’re going to do in Loki’s case. Loki is not that super bad demigod from Marvel, Loki is a god from Brooklyn, NY. She’s the god of the grumpy cats!

“This cat has more personality and sass than any animal I have ever met. We are inseparable. We are best friends”, said Sara,

Loki’s human. Loki lives with Sara and her partner, Brent, since 2014’s Halloween, after months of searching. Brent is allergic to cats, so it was quite challenging finding the perfect pet for them.

“Loki is incredibly affectionate, cuddly and chatty. He loves napping on our bellies, eating chicken and scrambled eggs and receiving hearty head scratches. Shortly after we adopted him, I started an Instagram page solely dedicated to Loki. His Instagram page quickly picked up a following, noticeably for his seemingly grumpy demeanor and unique look. Loki has helped me return to creative and optimistic parts of myself that were misplaced while I was feeling unmotivated and sad. Animals are incredible healers and I am eternally grateful for Loki’s companionship and generous loyalty. He is truly one of a kind”, said Sara.

Well, looking at him, you might get the impression he’s going to destroy the world. But, no, he’s just grumpy and cute! More info: instagram

1. Hi! I am a very grumpy cat and people think I’m cute. Horrible!

loki grumpy sphynx 1 (1)

2. Huh! I hate this outfit. I will transform into a monster and show them all who’s the boss. How dare they treat me like this?

loki grumpy sphynx 2 (1)

3. I’m not a dog! I am Loki

loki grumpy sphynx 3 (1)

4. What? You don’t like my staring at you? I don’t care

loki grumpy sphynx 4 (1)

5. Christmas…yaaay….

loki grumpy sphynx 5 (1)

6. At least, I stand like a queen

loki grumpy sphynx 6 (1)

7. Yeah! Funny! Take a picture…

loki grumpy sphynx 7 (1)

8. She wants to kiss me? Get out of my face!

loki grumpy sphynx 8 (1)

9. Cudling? What is that?

loki grumpy sphynx 9 (1)

10. I hate these outfits!

loki grumpy sphynx 10 (1)

11. I’m having a rough day. Get out of my face!

loki grumpy sphynx 11 (1)

12. And now she thinks I look good in pictures. Who does she think I am? Kim Kardashian?

loki grumpy sphynx 12 (1)

13. They think I’m cute. What is wrong with these humans?

loki grumpy sphynx 13 (1)

14. She thinks I’m her baby. I’m not! I’ll show her

loki grumpy sphynx 14 (1)

15. What? It was your place? Now it’s mine! Find yourself another!

loki grumpy sphynx 16 (1)

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