Latvian Artist Janis Straupe Carved a Huge Cabinet That Looks Like a Beetle

Check this out! A cabinet that looks like a giant beetle! Latvian artist and designer Janis Straupe is responsible for making this interesting alder wood piece of furniture which will give a unique stylish mark to any study room.  The name of the cabinet is, as you already might guess, “The Beetle”. It was made in 2005 and it took the designer 3 months to carve it with a help of 11 people.

Except it’s really unique looking, it’s very practical as you can see from the photos showing its interior. It consists even 11 drawers, a section for stationery, wine rack, and paperwork section with two secret sections. I just can not decide in whose room it would be fitting better -Edgar Allan Poe’s or Indiana Jones’s. What do you say?

More info:

beetle cabinet 1

beetle cabinet 2

beetle cabinet 3

beetle cabinet 4

beetle cabinet 5

beetle cabinet 6
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