Last Circus Lions Rescued to Live A Normal Life In the Wild

Animals in circuses are not just  deprived to live in their natural habitat but also to live a normal life as free animal. They are forced to perform tricks that they don’t want to do. And if they fail to do worthless tricks, they are poked, beaten, or jabbed with pointed hooks until they are wounded. They are constantly confined within a small cage for long days in an immensely hot weather, some are chained and locked in disgustingly dirty cage.  Imagining such a tragic experience these animal have to go through, is such an a heartbreaking scenario.

These two lion brothers are rescued from a circus in Bulgaria, to be sent back to their natural African homeland. They were once taken from their mother when they are still young, deprived of everything they deserve.

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Image by: Born Free Foundation

The lives of the  lions, named Jora and Black have never been the same when Bulgaria banned the use of wild mammals in circuses in January 2015, Their lives have extremely transformed and they found real life being freed from a tragic experience they had in circus.

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Image by: Born Free Foundation

These lions who were once confined in small cages and forced to perform tricks and demeaning stunts  in front of the screaming crowds, have obtained assistance and help from  animal-concerned group like Born Free Foundation and Four Paws. Thanks to them for bringing these lions into whole new another level of life they truly deserve to have in the first place.

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Image by: Born Free Foundation

The country’s last circus lions, who are currently  7 years of age, finally made their  way to the place where they supposed to be after such a long journey. There is no safest place for them on the earth than to be in their natural habitat. It’s like a home for his family.

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Image by: Born Free Foundation

Jora and Black were transported in an aircraft  from Bulgaria to London on Saturday for the first segment of their journey, nearing their final destination.

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Image by: Born Free Foundation

Virginia McKeena, co-founder of Born Free Foundation gave a polite welcome to the lions, Jora and Black when they landed. “It’s fantastic to see the animals have traveled so well,” McKenna said.  “They still have a long way to go but I am really happy that with the generous public support we are able to offer them a wonderful new home with our friends at Shamwari Game Reserve. They deserve no less.”

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Image by: Born Free Foundation

On Sunday, the lions landed in South Africa.The most awaited moment has finally come for these two lions who knew nothing except for brutality and viciousness they’ve experienced since the time they stepped in the world of circus. Even the people around these lion brothers  were thrilled to see them taking their initial steps into their permanent home, the wild.

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Image by: Born Free Foundation

“Every time we rescue an ill-treated wild animal, forced into unnatural, cruel captivity for years, it is truly a cause for celebration,” Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA and the Born Free Foundation, stated in a press release.

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Image by: Born Free Foundation

“The story of Jora and Black and their opportunity to live in peace in South Africa is an uplifting one; a testament to the hard work of so many dedicated people including Born Free staff, and an inspiration that drives us to save more animals in need wherever they sadly languish.”

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Image by: Born Free Foundation

For the first time in 7 years, Jora and Black finally  will have the life they truly deserve. They will no longer be captive and be controlled by anyone. They have their own life now! Learn what you can do to make a difference for beings like Jora and Black here.

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Image by: Born Free Foundation

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