If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans

if meat eaters acted like vegans feat (1)

Any vegetarian will tell you about all the wonderful health benefits of going vegan. Eating only plants as your diet will help you beat cancer, heart diseases, obesity and many other bad stuff. Or so they tell you, some of it is proven, some not so much, so each person should decide with his own common sense if he wants to eat meat or not. But this video below showing if meat eaters acted like vegans is hilarious because it flips the switch on all those who advocate for vegan life.

Obviously this goes to extreme but that’s what makes this so funny. And while the video exaggerates, vegans do have a reputation of being a little bit smug about their life style. In the video below funny guy JP Sears flips the disc on vegans and shows them just how they look and sound to meat eaters when they try and judge your carnivore lifestyle. Just one of the gold catch phrases you will hear in the video is:

“I could never eat plants that are raised on crowded farms and inhumane living conditions…stuck in the soil against their will,”

The video also does a great job at showing how the opposite result may come when you try to convince someone else of your life choice by being too pushy and all judge like. You get the point, just watch the video and have fun:

The guy is really hilarious, and beside the if meat eaters acted like vegans video, he has many more funny clips so make sure to browse to his channel and subscribe.