20 Photos That Show Photoshop Has Gone Too Far And Someone Needs To Stop This

Somewhere in a Photoshop world, these pictures are real, but do we live in a Photoshop world? Yeah, I can read your mind, you’re thinking of all those perfect faces on the cover of magazines and all those perfect bodies that make us all feel inferior. Yeah, but apart from those, do we live in a Photoshop world? Did God use Photoshop? I doubt it, ’cause what he created is a thousand times better than what can we think of. But, hey, we live in a creative free world, we can take a shot at creating something, right? Is Photoshop good enough to mimic the Hand of Creation? We shall see. Anyways, if  nothing, these pictures are funny, a little bit disturbing, maybe, but still fun. Take a look at these pictures that prove photoshop has gone too far. Watch at your own risk!

1. Cute, but still…I love horses very much!

photoshop has gone too far 1 (1)

2. What is this? Photoshop, please respond!

photoshop has gone too far 2 (1)

3. She seems like she’s having a good time!

photoshop has gone too far 3 (1)

4. I bet someone completely hates his Photoshop here!

photoshop wtf 4 (1)

5. He doesn’t look happy with the way things are turning

photoshop wtf 5 (1)

6. Somewhere in a Photoshop world!

photoshop wtf 6 (1)

7. Funny little fella’, watcha’ doing running like that?

photoshop wtf 7 (1)

8. This is disturbing, don’t you think?

photoshop wtf 8 (1)

9. The prey becomes the hunter!

photoshop mix 9 (1)

10. We keep staring at this. With a little bit of help from God’s skilled hand, this would have been something

photoshop mix 10 (1)

11. No way! I don’t want to be afraid to walk the fields because of shark horses!

photoshop mix 11 (1)

12. What?!

photoshop mix 12 (1)

13. A bear with a sloth attitude

photoshop mix 13 (1)

14. Poor you! Look at you! What have they done to you?

photoshop mix 14 (1)

15. That moment when you realized you might have drunk too many beers

photoshop has gone too far 15 (1)

16. I feel sorry this cutie does not exist in real life. What would we call it? Elphi-duck?

photoshop has gone too far 16 (1)

17. Well, this is meant to cure sharks phobia

photoshop has gone too far 17 (1)

18. I’m not even sure what’s wrong with this animal, except that it’s a very disturbing picture

photoshop has gone too far 18 (1)

19. If this animal existed…well, weird!

photoshop has gone too far 19 (1)

20. He’s probably mad right now and would want to hit that Photoshop in the face

photoshop has gone too far 20 (1)

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