This Adorable Corgi Can Balance Anything On Her Head!


Hazel the corgi dog can balance everything on her head, after a few images of her has gone viral she became an internet sensation. Since becoming a star, she now has her own Tumblr blog where people from around the globe ask her questions and request specific items that she then balance on her head. Hazel’s owners, Bill Zildjian and his wife Debra from Maine discovered her gift two years ago.


things on hazel's head

they started by balancing small items on her nose and rewarding her for not moving, but soon they discover there is nothing she can’t balance! Mr Zildjian said, ” She has been balancing objects on her head for the camera for about two years. But only in the last year since the blog started up, has she been doing it with any frequency. We have had Hazel since she was a puppy, and the pictures are a result of original treat-on-the-nose-trick. Hazel is always rewarded for her efforts, usually with cheese. Visit her Tumblr blog here and see a few examples on the pictures below:

things on hazel's head

3: Hazel has a bright idea!

things on hazel's head


4: A moose on Hazel head

things on hazel's head

5: The giraffe seems pleased

things on hazel's head

6: This is a tough one, cupcake

things on hazel's head

7: Saturday night hat

things on hazel's head1


8: Thug life Hazel

things on hazel's head2

9: Fine Whisky

things on hazel's head3

10: Hazel is ready for the carnival

things on hazel's head4

11: So much chocolate, so little time

things on hazel's head5


12: OMG how can she resist

things on hazel's head6

13: Yummy Yummy

things on hazel's head7

14: This looks heavy, take it off please

things on hazel's head8

15: Even though its cat treats, she wants it

things on hazel's head9


16: Garbage ? really ?

things on hazel's head10

17: Magic trick!

things on hazel's head12

18: ” Can I just place this here for a sec….yeah…great “

things on hazel's head13

19: Ring my bell, ring my bell

things on hazel's head14

20: Look ! its a dog on top of another dog

things on hazel's head15


21: Hazel daily routine

things on hazel's head16


Source: Imgur