Happy End For a Dog Who Used To Make His Bed In The Shelter Every Day


Rush was a homeless Pitbull, waiting for adoption and a loving family in the shelter Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals(SICSA) in Kettering, Ohio. Every day he had a routine of making his bed, trying to make his lonely spot at the shelter little bit cozier. One day, stuff from the shelter made a video of this sweet dog and his habit, and soon this sad but heartwarming story was all over the internet.

Thanks to the internet and animal lovers who were moved by this video, the story came to the couple from California who had recently lost their pet. Their hearts just melted when they saw the video and soon they were in adoption process which was approved last week.

“We are so excited to announce that Rush has a new family!” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “The adoptive family has an amazing story of how they heard about Rush and how he was their destiny.”

Rush is starting his new life as a loving pet in his new family, and everybody who have heard about his story in which destiny involved her hands are truly happy for him, but people from the shelter wanted to point out that there are many others who are waiting to be adopted at their lonely spots.

“If you have been touched by Rush’s story, please donate a little something to your local animal shelter in his honor,” is the message from the shelter.

If this story has inspired you to adopt a pet check how to do it at your local Humane Society orASPCA

Source: Thedodo