Guy Cutting Off Tourists Selfie Stick In NYC Is Just Being a Jerk

Many among you probably got sick of selfie sticks and people carrying them around and waving with them all over once upon a time cool places. However, I bet very few of you would actually do what a guy in this video did – clipping tourists’ selfie sticks with a pair of branch cutters!

YouTuber Buddy Bolton was clipping selfie sticks around NYC obviously thinking it would be a hilarious thing to watch online. Actually, viewers reacted pretty negatively on this destruction of personal property, which it is in fact. However, there are also fans of this unpleasant, sudden attack on tourists whose only guilt was that they were a bit self-centered, but in a way less number.

Comments on Youtube go from “This is beautiful. Do more!” to “THIS GUY DESERVES TO BE BEATEN UP, BADLY. F*CK YOU! Destroying what other people paid for with their hard work is NOT FUNNY, ASSH*LE!”

This video currently has 2970 likes, 13 632 dislikes, and even 420 000 views! Which made some think that the whole thing is well planned and well acted with no actual destroying of other people property. What do you think?

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