30 Fake Eyebrows That Are So Ridiculous You Must Love Them


These ladies tried to win the eyebrows game with some serious makeup or permanent makeup, but they just end up with the most fake eyebrows we ever saw! Better luck next time girls. Maybe don’t try so hard, usually the girls who don’t care how they look are the best looking ones. Below are 30 examples of the fakest eyebrows you ever saw

1: Are those devil horns or eyebrows? Must be fake

eyebrow fails 1


2: Futuristic fake brows

eyebrow fails 2

3: C’mon that’s not even trying – sure it’s fake

eyebrow fails 3

4: These look like tiny sperms that’s why i know they fake eyebrows

eyebrow fails 4

5: Super thin brows = super fake

eyebrow fails 5


6: She looks so happy with herself, let’s not ruin the moment

eyebrow fails 6

7: Shes like ” that’s the best I can do. deal with it “

eyebrow fails 7

8: So I went to his house and we started talk-EYEBROWS

eyebrow fails 8

9: If she asks – these look amazing! Because i don’t want to die young

eyebrow fails 9


10: Double brow, double fake brows

eyebrow fails 10

11: What was she trying to do? Looks like the Batman symbol

eyebrow fails 11

12: NOPE

eyebrow fails 12

13: She can fly with these fake eyebrows

eyebrow fails 13


14: Used a ruler to draw them, didn’t turn out good

eyebrow fails 14

15: Forget her eyebrow, what’s going on with that hair

eyebrow fails 15

16: She looks disappointed, I wonder why, maybe it’s because she messed up her brows

eyebrow fails 16

17: Almost got it, but no cigar

eyebrow fails 17

18: Wipe that smile off your face, you did not do good

eyebrow fails 18


19: DON’T do it

eyebrow fails 19

20: So white was the right choice you think, Sure about it?

eyebrow fails 20


eyebrow fails 21

22: Are those cats? What are you trying to say

fake eyebrows (1)

23: These are not fake actually, just look bad

fake eyebrows 2 (1)

24: She’s got flowers in her hair, everywhere…

fake eyebrows 3 (1)

25: Magic marker 10X10

fake eyebrows 4 (1)

26: It’s just dots, try harder

fake eyebrows 5 (1)

27: You look like a nice kid, why?

fake eyebrows 6 (1)

28: He is locked up for looking ridiculous

fake eyebrows 7 (1)

29: Won’t buy there just because of that

fake eyebrows 8 (1)

30: Please, i’m suddenly turning gay so…

fake eyebrows 9 (1)

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