20 Illustrations That Perfectly Show Everyday Pregnancy Problems

Line Severinsen, an illustrator animator and mother of two in Bergen, has created a series of webcomics every woman can relate easily with if she was ever expecting a baby, or can easily imagine how a common day looks like when a woman hits a third trimester of pregnancy and things become, well…huge. Pregnancy  brings with it many problems in an everyday life of a woman, for sure, but these comics present them in a fun way, which is definitely a healthy approach to this topic.

Kos og Kaos, or “Cuddles and Chaos” in English, is the name of the webcomics that Severinsen started in 2012, when she was first pregnant, and continued with it after a short pause when she was expecting a second baby.

Check these adorable comics at the gallery below and find even more at kosogkaos.no | Facebook | Instagram.

1. Maybe you’ll start using the F word a little bit more often.

Everyday Pregnancy Problems 1

2. Be more careful with a razor, there are hidden places now.

Everyday Pregnancy Problems 2

3. Sometimes you just not feeling as yourself.

being pregnant sucks 3

4. Everybody is crossing the line.

being pregnant sucks 4

5. A new man’s phobia.

being pregnant sucks 5

6. Who needs tattoos…

being pregnant sucks 6

7. OK. It’s time for slip-ons.

being pregnant sucks 7

8. What are you doing in there?!

being pregnant sucks 8

9. Becoming a sprint pro.

being pregnant sucks 9

10. Realizing how many people you don’t like and don’t want to name your baby as their name.

being pregnant sucks 10

11. You always loved chocolate… but this!

being pregnant sucks 11

12. Yours is bigger, ha-ha!

being pregnant sucks 12

13. More new phobias.

being pregnant sucks 13

14. Everybody is so funny suddenly.

being pregnant sucks 14

15. Well, there’re two of us now.

being pregnant sucks 15

16. Realizing there aren’t enough pillows in the house.

being pregnant sucks 16

17. This becoming surrealistic. You can’t believe the size of your hands and feet.

being pregnant sucks 17

18. Patience, patience…

being pregnant sucks 18

19. Maybe it’s better to skip these programs.

being pregnant sucks 19

20. Nurses have a strange sense for cuteness. Dads don’t find placenta in that category.

Everyday Pregnancy Problems 20

Source: Boredpanda


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