Putting Donald Trump’s Mouth On Puffer Fish Is a Thing Now, And It’s Fabulous

Ok this one is interesting, lately we saw that the internet has started combining images of Donald Trump’s mouth and ones of a puffer fish, why a puffer fish? Because Trump’s lips look fabulous on it, and it’s hilarious! Let’s investigate. Both Trump and the puffer fish gets puffed up when going in defensive mode. Another thing is that the puffer fish is one of the most poisonous vertebrates in the world, and Trump is a poisonous politician , that’s a toffer! So after figuring this out, let us bask in the hybrid animal that is known as the Trumpfish:

Donald Trump mouth 1

Donald Trump mouth 2

Donald Trump mouth 3

puffer fish trump 4

puffer fish trump 5

puffer fish trump 6

Donald Trump mouth 7

Donald Trump mouth 8

Source: Imgur


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