Dog Leotards Are a Thing Now And My Dog Will Never Let Me Put This On Her

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Honestly, writing for The Awesome Daily for the past 4 years now, I thought i’ve seen it all, but this a new one even for me, and as a dog owner I can only say WTF?! Dog Leotards are the new trend that’s circling around the social media universe now, and everyone is talking about them.

The California based company behind the product Shed Defender says the tight fit outfit serves more than just making your dog look like Lady Gaga, it can also help him a lot. The full body spandex suit is supposed to calm your dog if he feels anxious or sad, and we say supposed because we never tired it ourselves so we have to take the word of the creator. From the company, in their own words:

” The dog leotard has a calming effect once put on. It also has been used to stop the constant, antagonizing barking of small dogs. ” 

Tyson and his dog Harley wearing the dog leotard

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Another cool side effect of the full suit is that it can also stop and contain the excessive shedding many dog breeds have, so it’s perfect for even the most anxious parents who want to keep their house clean. As much as it can be with a dog living inside, let’s be real, dogs shed.

CEO of shed defender Tyson Walters says he originally designed the spandex suit so it will stop his huge Saint Bernard dog from shedding all over his house, in his words he says there were so much fur and hair all over the house and car and he tried every product available on the market and nothing really worked, so he thought he needs to come up with something really different. And he did!

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Another cool feature of the product is because the dog leotard covers most of the dog’s body, it can somewhat protect him from fleas and ticks ( But please don’t think this is a complete solution, you still need to use the recommended products to stop ticks and fleas ) and even keep him a little bit warmer in cold weathers.

The dog leotard will set you back $39.99 which is not a lot in our opinion and you are advised for best useage to leave the outfit on your dog for a few hours to a full day before removing it for cleaning. When removing the outfit, make sure to brush your dog’s fur to remove any excess fur that got stuck on his body.

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But forget all that noise we just wrote above, the main thing this leotard will get you is the faces of awe and admiration when you walk your dog outside. People will not know how to contain their jealousy, you need to get this just for this reason alone. Check out the pictures below.

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Watch the rest of the images of the pet leotard below

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