How People With Tritanopia Color Blindness See The World

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Do you want to see how the Tritanopia world looks like? No, it isn’t a new Marvel movie, it is a medical condition that affects the eyes and our vision of colors. More explicitly, some people are born with Tritanopia, a form of color blindness that happens when the retina has less cone cells than needed.

Cone cells contain opsins which cause us to see the color blue. So, when someone does not have these opsins, they cannot distinguish green from blue.

People with Tritanopia also confuse yellow and violet. So, tritanopes have problems seeing these colors. Of course, we cannot really conceive how their world really looks like, but if you could, would you like to see?

There are actually two types of tritanopia: 

  • Tritanopia – Affected people with this condition are called dichromats. This means that the entire S-cones are missing and only medium and long wavelength cones are present.
  • Tritanomaly – similar to the previous condition, this is a level up condition of the blue-yellow blindness where the S-cones are actually accounted for but they have some kind of mutation.

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Before stepping into the world of tritanopes, let’s take a closer look at their condition. This blue-yellow colour blindness condition affects only 1 out of 10 000 people. Apart from other color blindness conditions, this one is not sex-linked, thus men and women are equally affected by it. People affected by Tritanopia are performing better in everyday tasks than those who have red-green dichromacy.

Apparently, because our society relies more on the colors green and red, as representing the good and bad, the passing or stopping at a traffic lights and other day to day examples.

It also happens that you acquire this condition in your lifetime, mostly through aging, but it can also occur instantly from a blow to the head, for example. In this case, the condition may be reversible, not permanent like in the case of being born with it.

All in all, age, alcohol, mixtures of organic solvents or a hard hit to the front or back of your head can cause this blue-yellow color blindness. Anyways, we promised you a series of pictures of how a Tritanopia world looks like. Well, here they are! But we warn you, they might seem incredible beautiful!

check out the pictures below to see how people with Tritanopia color blindness see the world

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