Cute Pug Photos Portraying the Hip-Hop Icons


An Australian-based dog photography studio run by Adam Jackman-Moore which is called The Dog Photographers features in his Photo project, The Pug Life  where the cute and lovely pugs portray the Hip-Hop Icons of the 1980s and 1990s. Each pug is named according to the hip hop artist they portray. Jackman-Moore’s inclination to hip hop culture and his adoration to pugs inspired him to do this project showcasing the human-side like of this breed of dog that will absolutely impress pug-lovers out there. They really look adorable in their photos and it seem like they are enjoying it. They almost perfectly showed the icons’ facial expressions.

“This is purely a fun project on a slightly left from center subject matter,” Jackman-Moore said. Here are the photos of  the pugs in this photo project.

The Beastie

the pug life 2

The Flavour

the pug life 3

Run Pug

the pug life 4

Crazy Eyes

the pug life 5

Snoop Pug

the pug life 6

Notorious P.U.G.

the pug life 7

Pug Master Flash

the pug life 8


the pug life 9

Ice Puge

the pug life 10

Image credits: Photographs by Adam Jackman-Moore

Source: petapixel