Confused Travolta Is The Funniest Thing That Happened On The Internet


This is the funniest thing on the internet right now

1: Vincent Vega arriving late to school and can’t remember which class to go to


Confused Travolta


2: Vincent Vega finding the classroom but the teacher locked the door because he’s 30 min late

vincent vega confused meme 2

3: Vincent Vega going to a party but can’t find any of his friends

Confused Travolta meme 3

4: Vincent Vega at the same party after he got mildly drunk and wants to go home but can’t find his coat

vincent vega confused meme 4

5: Vincent Vega hanging out at a ladies night party and doesnt get where are all the ladies

vincent vega confused meme 5


6: Vincent Vega can’t find his car at Costco

vincent vega confused meme 6

7: Vincent Vega gets send to Walmart when it’s that time of the month and she must have her brand

vincent vega confused meme 7

Source: Imgur


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