Delicious Award Winning Chinese Food Recipes

chinese food recipes

There’s nothing like chinese food, let’s face it, whenever you have a sudden hunger, most often than not you end up eating or ordering chinese take out. My reason is because of the fast delivery and easy to eat meals. All you need is a fork, and you’re done. It is the most satisfying and comforting food out there, you are never disappointed with chinese food.

If it’s meat, rice, noodles or whatever you like, you got it! While ordering out is easy and simple, making your own food at home can sometimes be even better, you know exactly what you put inside your meal and if you follow the recipe just right, it can be even better than the restaurant. Check out these chinese food recipes that are so easy to make they should definitely win an award of some kind:

Ham Fried Rice

This never fail meal is so easy to make, all you need is rice, some ham and 10 minutes of your time.

see the recipe here

Chinese Food recipes 1


Chinese Dumplings with Pork and Cabbage

This is a more complicated dish to make, so maybe for the more advanced, but if you make it just right, it’s one of the best on this list. Check out the how to on this video:

Chinese Food recipes 2

Orange Beef

Yummy is the word for this meal. Simple beef turned orange with some spices and a good hand. Make it yourself by following the recipe on allrecipes

Chinese Food recipe 3

Honey Sriracha Chicken

One of my favorite meal when I order out. Can you blame me? This dish is amazing when done right. Check out the recipe at the

Chinese Food recipe 4

Chinese Spare Ribs

Come on, do we really need to explain why this dish is amazing? It’s spare ribs. Just make it, you won’t be sorry. Here is the recipe

Chinese Food recipe 5


Shrimp Chow Mein

Incredible recipe, shrimp at its best, make it for your guests and be the popular place to hang out every time. See the recipe on Food and Wine

Chinese Food recipe 6

Beijing Beef – No recipe found

Chinese Food recipe 7

Beef Broccoli

The most easiest meal to make at home hands down. Just go buy some fresh broccoli, and some beef you like, pour it all in a frying pan with some soy sauce and you’re done.

Chinese Food recipes 8

Orange Teriyaki Chicken

Look at all the colors of this dish, just be looking at it I’m getting hungry, I’m going to make it right now following this recipe

Chinese Food recipes 9

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