Cats And Water – Enough Said

cats and water

This is EPIC! Cats and water are known to be sworn enemies, this will show you why. The video below will prove once and for all that cats really hate water, everyone who owns a cat knows that these animals just hate water. However, this is not really a fact, because they are some breeds of cats that love getting wet, like the Turkish Van cat. But think about this for a minute. If your cat from birth to the time he’s older only experience water when it rains outside, or when someone sprays water at him as a punishment or a forced bath, why wouldn’t he hate it. If someone would spray water on you in a non pleasant way all the time, you wouldn’t like it either right?

Some breeds of cats actually love swimming, especially if they live in hot areas when it’s hot most of the year, they need to cool off and taking a little swim is a great idea. The video below is both hilarious and adorable, it’s a compilation of cats getting wet, taking a bath and generally disliking water, hope you like it.